Houkenshuzou co.ltd
Characteristics of sake brewery
List of brand of sake brewery "Houkenshuzou co.ltd"
Founding Year
Tetsuya Doi
Origin of the name
1. Please explain the origin of the name your representative/famous brand.
The origin of the brand name "Hoken" comes from the fact that Nigata-cho has been number on in Japan in production of files (the tool) for many years. Because there were many swordsmiths involved in file production back in the old days, we gave it the name "Hoken" ("ken" means "sword").
Questionnaire to sake brewery
2. Please tell us a local spot (restaurant, hotel, etc.) that you recommend.
Miyajima, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Hiroshima Prefecture harvests the most oysters of anywhere in Japan.
3. Please tell us your favorite pairing of food and alcohol.
It pairs well with white fish no matter how it is prepared, but with simmered Japanese red rockfish it is outstanding.
Awards history
theAnnualJapanSakeAwards GoldPrize: 2014; 2011; 2010; 2009;