Kabushikigaisha Takahashishuzou
Characteristics of sake brewery
Hand-crafted sake for dining and enjoyment.
List of brand of sake brewery "Kabushikigaisha Takahashishuzou"
Founding Year
Nobuyuki Takahashi
Origin of the name
1. Please explain the origin of the name your representative/famous brand.
Taken from Chinese philosopher Zhuang Zhou's writings, "Tenyu" depicts "the condition of a playful spirit that makes the sky play with your soul", and "Rin" means "beautiful ball". We brew our sake with care in order to enable our customers to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing time.
Questionnaire to sake brewery
2. Please tell us a local spot (restaurant, hotel, etc.) that you recommend.
Nishimura (Restaurant) 2-11-3 Unomori, Yokkaichi-shi, Mie 510-0074, TEL: 059-355-2460 Toyo no Akari8-5 Suwasakaemachi, Yokkaichi-shi, Mie 510-0086, TEL: 059-328-5258
3. Please tell us your favorite pairing of food and alcohol.
Ise no Shiroki: Charcoal grilled cuisine such as stewed Kagoshima black pork and Kumano free range chicken. Tenyurin Special Junmai Sake Tonbi Kakoi (naturally-filtered sake gathered into large glass flasks): Edo-style sushi marinated with red vinegar, and stewed dishes such as bonito stock soup.          Tenyurin Handmade Junmai Sake (Seasonal spring sake): Octopus carpaccio, deep-fried tofu, dishes made with ginger soy sauce.