Takashimashuzo Kabushikigaisha
Characteristics of sake brewery
Creators of sake that drives communication and is representative of the region where it was made. Making sake in Numazu City of Shizuoka since 1804.
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Founding Year
Kazutaka Takashima
Origin of the name
1. Please explain the origin of the name your representative/famous brand.
When the Emperor Meiji awarded the "Kokushi Seishu" medal to Hakuin Zenji, Tesshu Yamaoka, who was headed to the Shoin Temple as a messenger, the sake he was given was so delicious he gave it the name, "Hakuin Masamune".
Questionnaire to sake brewery
2. Please tell us a local spot (restaurant, hotel, etc.) that you recommend.
Shoin Temple
3. Please tell us your favorite pairing of food and alcohol.
Fish cuisine (Grilled and boiled fish)