Yamanashi Meijo Co., Ltd.
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Founding Year
Hyogo Kitahara
Origin of the name
1. Please explain the origin of the name your representative/famous brand.
Suruganomi Naito of Takato-jo Castle of Suruga Province presented the Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove from China with a ranmaan (openwork screen above the sliding partitions between two rooms) to celebrate the construction of his new building structure. The sake's name is derived from the Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove.
Questionnaire to sake brewery
2. Please tell us a local spot (restaurant, hotel, etc.) that you recommend.
Dai Min, a restaurant directly managed by the brewery
3. Please tell us your favorite pairing of food and alcohol.
The sake tastes delicious from the first glass with any Japanese-style cuisine
Awards history
theAnnualJapanSakeAwards GoldPrize: 2014; 2012; 2010;