Kabushikigaisha Hiraizumihompo
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Founding Year
Masato Saito
Origin of the name
1. Please explain the origin of the name your representative/famous brand.
The name naturally became "Hirasawa no Izumi no Sake" because the name of the store, which was originally a wholesale agent, was "Izuya" and the name of the area was "Hirasawa". There is also a story that the name was given to the brewery because a local painter offered their sake to Ryokan Osho, a famous monk and poet, telling him that it was made with "such delicious water".
Questionnaire to sake brewery
2. Please tell us a local spot (restaurant, hotel, etc.) that you recommend.
Mount Chokai, Kisakata, Shishigahana Ongen, Hotel Foresta Chokai
3. Please tell us your favorite pairing of food and alcohol.
Salt grilled chicken, baked clams, terrine, sukiyaki, shabu-shabu, hot pot with rice sticks, chicken and vegetables, cheese, etc.